Phoenix Slide In Bath Tubs

From Traditional To Modern

Taking a bath is a therapeutic experience that can help you to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life, however if you are a wheelchair user or suffer from any kind of reduced mobility, getting in and out of a conventional bath can sometimes become virtually impossible.

If you would like to regain the enjoyment of taking a bath and a traditional walk-in tub simply doesn’t meet your needs, a slide-in bathtub could be the perfect solution.

Simple Bathing for Everyone

We offer a range of innovative slide-in tubs that make taking a bath simple, convenient and completely safe for everyone. Simply position yourself near the doorway, slide back in and then slide the door along to close it. The only thing left to do is to relax and enjoy!

Why Choose Our Solutions?

Our slide-in tubs are designed to provide maximum safety and convenience. They can help you to regain your confidence and provide you with the best possible level of independence:

  • Secure handles for additional safety.
  • Simple buttons that make it easy to customize your bathing experience.
  • Optional air jets and water jets.
  • A wide range of options to suit your individual requirements.
Slide In Bath Tubs
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We offer a free in-home consultation and evaluation. Providing the right solution for the client is our top priority.

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